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Facial Fillers, Injectable Fillers

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» Facial Fillers, Dermal Fillers, Injectable Fillers in Argentina

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» General Information:

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Aesthetics Medicine

» Its main advantage: It enables patients to enjoy surprising, natural and long-lasting results. Our experience ensures our applications do not modify the natural expression of your face.

One of the first signs of aging is the appearance of wrinkles or facial lines. It would be ideal to delay their appearance through prevention and healthy lifestyle habits, but once they have appeared, we can soften them by using techniques with polymer fillers. This is a revolutionary non-surgical method, intended for correcting deformities of the facial outline, such as wrinkles, folds and scars, or shape structures such as lips and cheekbones. It is applied to lines (such as the naso-genian folds), wrinkles, chin, cheekbones, lips, scars, among others.

What substances are used as fillers?

The substances used are biocompatible substances known as Biopolymers, similar in texture and elasticity to the connective tissue in our bodies. They can have permanent or temporary effects, at the patient's choice. In all cases, these fillers are completely harmless. They have been used for many years in other medical treatments such as dental implants, bone implants, sutures and valve and artery replacements in heart surgery, etc.

Except for very rare cases, the different results in terms of medical aspects have proven to be accepted by the body without any rejection symptoms: Bio-Alcamid ®, New-Fill ®, Metacrill ® , Hydroxiapatite, Hyaluronic Acid,  Dermalive ®, Radiance ® are the quality products backing up our treatments. These new injectable micro-implants do not migrate and are not reabsorbed ; they encourage the formation of collagen tissue by the organism, integrating naturally into the body.
We only use products that have been approved by health care enforcement agencies, such as the FDA and the ANMAT.

What is the treatment like?

They are short, painless treatments (they only require 15 minutes or less). A quick aesthetic and very satisfactory result is obtained, and the patient can resume everyday activities immediately. The sought-after results show immediately, without involving any bandages, bruising or allergy problems. Its greatest advantage: It will allow patients to enjoy surprising, natural and long-lasting results without modifying the facial expression.

» How to get a quote - Photographs necessary to have the treatment done:

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» To request the right quote: Please send 5 pictures of your face: 1 frontal photograph, 1 profile photograph of each side and 1 3/4 profile photograph of each side. It is important that pictures show the head and neck completely, and the areas to be treated.

» Why are photographs necessary?

The photographs are necessary to avoid paying for an unnecessary and more expensive treatment . Your photographs also enable us to make a more precise quote.

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