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RP Medical Center - Buenos Aires

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2016 - Prices

Breast augmentation with Mentor™


FaceLift with neck lift and Blefaroplasty


Sublative Rejuvenation with eMatrix


Photo Facial Intense Pulsed Light Rejuvenation


Lip augmentation with Emervel™ Galderma™


Rhinoplasty with mentoplasty


RP Medical Center is an internationally recognized organization and a company which offers its quality medical services to people from different countries to help them feel good, improve their lives and undergo the plastic surgery / treatment they desire, with outstanding results, at reasonable prices.

For that purpose, we guarantee quality, professionalism and expertise, essential factors to render the best service and results.

Genuinely kind and honest relationships are the cornerstone of our philosophy and a key factor in all processes. You will never be on your own. Our mission is to assist you and support you at all times.

Our remarkable, humane team will lead and support each patient during their treatment or plastic surgery, and help them feel assured through their experience, professionalism, responsibility and their individualized and affectionate care.

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The history of RP Medical Center dates back to 1968, when activities were set in motion by the Center's founder, who some years later founded RP Medical Center as we know it today.

We guarantee quality and safety in all treatments. At RP Medical Center your health always comes first. All surgeries are conducted by specialized physicians, and performed in big and prestigious private hospitals in Argentina, with operating theaters of more than 400 sq. m, equipped with state-of-the-art international technology, where the services of a major hospital are also provided, including intensive care, a cardiology department, emergency room, among other services.

We are professionals responsible for your health. At RP Medical Center we will provide you with detailed and realistic information on all procedures and the alternatives available, the benefits and the individual and general risks involved, the expected results -to avoid false expectations-, and recovery time, among other issues. We assure you that you will be treated by a team of people who will devote their attention and professionalism to taking care of you.

The most knowledgeable specialists in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Argentina, Hair Transplant in Argentina, Phlebology, Cosmetic Procedures and Dermatology are at your disposal to offer you individualized, kind and honest treatment. Scientifically proven leading-edge technology and high-quality imported materials are also made available, being quality, expertise and good results absolutely guaranteed at a reasonable price.

All inquiries will be welcomed. We will be glad to help you through the surgical procedure or treatment you want or need to undergo.

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