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Operating Rooms - Plastic Surgery

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» Safety Issues - Best Operating Rooms for a safe plastic surgery

» Operating Theatres in high-tech private hospitals

High-Tech Operating Theaters in Argentina

Safety will be guaranteed by a team that is capable of giving you all necessary information and advice and which conducts treatments in the proper facilities.

» At RP Medical Center we are concerned with the safety issues involved in all surgeries and treatments. Your health always comes first.

Our Operating Theaters
Our Operating Theaters
Our Operating Theaters

» All surgeries are conducted by specialized physicians in the operating theatres of HIGH TECHNOLOGY big and prestigious private clinics, with operating rooms of over 400 sqm, equipped with state-of-the-art international technology, where the services of a major hospital are also provided, including:

» In the event there are any COMPLICATIONS during the surgery, these high-complexity clinics have all suitable human resources and appropriate infrastructure to immediately deal with any complications, with no need to transfer the patient to another clinic or hospital. In addition, during recovery, the clinics provide 24/7 emergency care and permanent medical attention.

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