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Safe Facilities - Plastic Surgery

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» Safety Issues - Safe facilities - Safe plastic surgery in Argentina

» Our Facilities

Safety will be guaranteed by plastic surgeons who have adequate training, by a team that is capable of giving you all necessary information and advice and which conducts treatments in the proper facilities, safe facilities.

Fig: Office at RP Medical Center.
Doctors offices at RP Medical Center
Fig: Waiting Room at RP Medical Center.
Doctors offices at RP Medical Center
Fig: Office at RP Medical Center.
  • Elegance
  • Special details
  • Warm Place
  • Modern Facilities
  • Comfort
  • Accredited facilities

Office Office
Fig: RP's offices ( administrative
proceedings, consultations, diagnosis,
non-surgical treatment, healing sessions
and post-surgical care).
Fig: Sanatorio La Florida, one of the
High-Tech clinics were our Operating
Theaters are located.

» Cleanliness, Orderliness, Comfort, are very important to us.

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