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» Who we are and how we work

RP is an internationally recognized organization and company chosen by people from different countries, devoted to providing and assuring patients dedicated attention and the best professional, caring and medical services in all treatments offered: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, Medical Aesthetics, Hair Transplant, Phlebology and Dermatology. RP's services cover the specialties essential to improve the body, face and skin.

RP's responsibility, honesty and personalized treatment have been and continue to be sources of immense satisfaction for its patients. At RP, patients will receive warm and affectionate care. It is very important for RP to assure the patient that they will be treated by renowned professionals who are honest and responsible, and for whom personal and affectionate treatment, which constantly strengthens the doctor-patient bond, is of utmost importance. RP's personnel, in addition to their professionalism and dedication, stand out for their kindness, their constant attention to detail and their care for the patient.

RP's Physicians and Technicians are renowned professionals with vast experience (See: The Physicians). They are part of the medical staff of major hospitals in Argentina, where they handle both clinical and aesthetic cases. They have conducted research, whose results were submitted in Conferences and Symposiums, and are members of prestigious Argentine and international medical associations. They offer individualized and close treatment to all their patients. The RP Team assists and supports patients throughout the whole process.

We want to make patients our priority at all times; we want to listen to them. RP's goal is to provide high-quality treatment to help people feel good and improve their lives by undergoing the surgery/treatment of their choice, with outstanding results, at reasonable prices. For that purpose, RP guarantees quality, professionalism and expertise, as well as safety, all of which are essential factors to render the best service.

RP assists and supports patients who travel to undergo a surgery or receive the treatment they need from the time of arrival until their departure (See: How to travel and undergo a surgery ?), making all arrangements necessary to make yours a good stay: accommodation (See: Where can I stay?), transfers, pick-up and drop-off at the airports, bilingual assistants, bilingual post-operative care assistants, etc.

The RP Team is always available to coordinate scheduled activities and follow up the patients' health status, their personal needs, and concerns. Some treatments require assistance and care around the clock. We have assistants to help and accompany our patients at all times. The Physicians at RP perform all post-operative follow-ups personally.

In addition to guaranteeing the best specialists and state-of-the-art, scientifically proven technology, RP assures personalized, warm and sincere treatment, along with quality tests and outstanding results. All at a reasonable price.

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