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» Accreditations and Permits for a safe medical procedure or surgery

RP Medical Center:

Administrative proceedings, consultations, diagnosis, non-surgical treatment, healing sessions and post-surgical care:

» Authorized by the Department of Health of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

» Authorized by the Municipality of Vicente López. All requirements set forth in the annual tax and fiscal municipal order and other municipal orders have been met.

Ministerio de Salud

» Certificate of Registration at the Provincial Record of Medical Pathological Waste Generators, issued by the Department of Health of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.


»The high technology Hospitals were the surgical procedures are conducted, meet all technical, legal and sanitary requirements set by the laws applicable to professional medical practice, and have duly obtained the permits to operate. One of those clinics is Sanatorio La Florida. More information

» We ensure quality and safety in all treatments. At RP Medical Center your health always comes first. All surgeries are conducted by specialized physicians, and performed in the OR of big and prestigious private hospitals in Argentina, with operating rooms of over 400 sqm, equipped with state-of-the-art international technology, where the services of a major hospital are also provided, including intensive care, a cardiology department, emergency room, cardiology unit, imaging diagnosis, active emergency care, among other services.

SanatorioLa FLorida

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