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How to treat varicose veins

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» How to treat varicose veins - General information about treatment of varicose veins

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By Dr. Juan Carlos Patt, M.D.
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The first thing to be considered is that varicose veins are a disease and, as such, the decision not to treat them has consequences, some of them serious. + Learn more about the consequences of not treating varicose veins

For that reason, it is always advisable to consult a specialist, whether as a preventive action or to start treatment of varicose veins and/or vein disease. Choosing a strategy to address varicose vein problems must always be preceded by a thorough clinical and instrument-assisted examination of each particular case. Only after such an examination can therapy be recommended, which should always be agreed upon with the patient, and thus the consented treatment begins.

There are many treatments available for varicose veins and, depending on the specialist’s recommendation, they vary depending on each patient’s particular condition. At RP Phlebology Center, our phlebologists may prescribe non-surgical treatment, or they may recommend varicose vein surgery (either conventional or minimally invasive laser surgery), or a minor varicose vein micro-surgery.

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