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Removing Moles in Argentina


» Dermatology - Removing Moles, Cysts and Warts

» General Information about mole, wart and cyst removal:

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Mole removal may be indicated by the dermatologist for medical reasons or as a preventative measure. Anti-aesthetic moles, cysts, warts can also be removed. The removal of moles may be carried out with surgery, radio frequency technology or an electric scalpel. Whether any marks or scars are left will depend on the size of the mole and the patient's skin type.

How do we remove moles, warts and cysts in RP Medical Center in Argentina?

First, our Doctors will evaluate your situation to determine the type, size and depht of the mole or skin lesion that has to be removed. We will be able to tell an exact price of the treatment or procedure after this evaluation. Some kind of moles and skin lesion have to be removed with a margin of clinically normal skin. After removing the lesion, it is sent away to histology.

Who removes the moles, warts or cysts?

This skin lesions and others, can be evaluated and removed by our Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. They all speak english very well. Sometimes, when the lesion is located in facial areas or in the scalp or neck, aesthetic results are needed. When this happens, the Dermatologist could refer you to our Plastic surgeons to remove the lesion. If aesthetic results are needed, the mole will be removed by our Plastic Surgeons. Our Plastic Surgeons, had experience removing cysts and moles from the face and neck.

What's the cost for removing moles and other skin lesions?

An exact price can be given after evaluating the patient. For example, an approximate price for removing a pea size mole would be US$125 dollars (on average). Currently, the consultation to see our Plastic Surgeons is free of charge, and the price for a consultation to see a Dermatologist is US$25 dollars.

How can I get an appointment?

Please, e-mail us to arrange an appointment:

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"Hello Rodriguez Palacios , I want to send a special thank you to the doctor for her excellent and professional work ! The nevus she removed off my scalp is healing very well, There is hardly any, if no swelling, after less than a week. Her L-shaped incision on the scalp was very well done. Also, the cyst she removed on my cheek looks great, hardly any sign of a scar after 10 days.

Thank you also to all the wonderful women who work at the Clinic. All are very professional and very kind. I have another visit with the doctor on Tuesday, she is making a special time to come to see me. If she prefers to see me this afternoon, Monday, or Wednesday instead, if this is more convenient for her , please let me know. I leave Buenos Aires on Thursday in the morning. Otherwise , I will see her on Tuesday, March 1, at 15:00 hs. all the best to everyone,..."

J.C. - Jonesport, Maine USA


"I would like to again thank the Dr. and staff to the fast and professional attention to my mole removal. Please let the Doctor know that it is healing well. Also, please inform me of the lab results when they arrive. "

S. G.


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